Saag Paneer

A perfect dish that is both soothing and satisfying! Look no further than Saag Paneer! This creamy and flavourful dish combines fresh spinach and paneer, a soft and crumbly Indian cheese, in a fragrant blend of spices and aromatics.

To make Saag Paneer, you will need the following:


  • 2 bunches spinach, roughly chopped
  • 1 bunch of fenugreek leaves, roughly chopped
  • 3 tablespoons canola oil, divided
  • 230 gms Shuddh paneer, cubed
  • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • 1 onion, thinly sliced
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger
  • 1 tomato, diced
  • 2 teaspoons garam masala
  • ½ teaspoon ground turmeric
  • ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • ½ cup heavy whipping cream
  • salt to taste


  1. Take a large saucepan and bring the water to a boil.
  2. Add spinach, fenugreek and cook until wilted for about 3 minutes.
  3. Blend the wilted greens in a food processor.
  4. Take a large skillet over medium heat. Add 1 tablespoon of canola oil.
  5. Add Shuddh paneer cubes and fry until browned on all sides.
  6. Add cumin seeds and fry until aromatic.
  7. Add onion; cook and stir until softened.
  8. Add garlic and ginger and stir to coat. Stir in tomato, garam masala, turmeric, and cayenne pepper; cook until tomato breaks down, often stirring.
  9. Stir in pureed spinach mixture, paneer cubes, and cream; add salt to taste. Reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  10. Serve hot with naan or rice.

Saag Paneer is a delightful healthy Indian dish that will impress your taste buds. The tender spinach, fragrant spices, and soft shuddh paneer combine to create a comforting and satisfying meal that is ideal for any occasion.