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Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Indian cuisine with a modern Australian twist through Shuddh Desi Ghee. At Shuddh Dairy, we’re not just producing ghee; we’re nurturing a legacy of authenticity, blending centuries-old methods with the freshest local produce. Our ghee is a testament to our dedication to quality and our ambition to bring the warmth of Indian hospitality into Australian homes.

The Shuddh Desi Ghee Story

Our journey at Shuddh Dairy is driven by a deep-rooted passion for bridging cultures through food. Starting with the commitment to excellence, Shuddh Dairy has emerged as a beacon of quality, our ghee symbolising the seamless fusion of traditional Indian flavours with Australia’s vibrant culinary scene. Each accolade we’ve earned underlines our dedication to craftsmanship and the exceptional taste of our ghee.

Shuddh Paneer

Awards and Recognition

Over the years, our commitment to quality and authenticity has been recognized by both consumers and culinary experts alike. Each award we receive is a milestone that encourages us to continue innovating and perfecting our craft, ensuring that the tradition of Indian cuisine is preserved and celebrated in every product we offer.

Winner 2024
Sydney Royal 2024 Silver Winner
Winner 2024
Sydney Royal 2024 Bronze Winner
Winner 2024
Winner 2023
Winner 2023
Finalist 2021
Finalist 2018
Finalist 2024 & 2017

What is Desi Ghee?

Ghee is the soul of many Indian dishes; a clarified butter that’s cherished for its nutty flavour and golden hue. Revered for its versatility, ghee is a powerhouse of nutrients, making it a preferred medium for cooking, medicinal use, and spiritual rituals. Its high smoke point and rich taste elevate every dish, embodying the spirit of Indian cooking.

Shuddh Desi Ghee

Popular Uses of Ghee

From the aromatic bases of curries to the final touch in sweets, ghee’s presence is indispensable in Indian cuisine. Its ability to enhance flavours and contribute to a dish’s richness makes it a cherished ingredient. Ghee is celebrated for its adaptability, enriching both savoury dishes and sweet confections with its unmistakable aroma and flavour.

Shuddh Dairy takes pride in creating ghee that’s as pure as tradition yet perfectly suited for contemporary kitchens. Crafted from the finest ingredients, our ghee stands out for its authenticity, nutritional value, and unmatched quality. Each jar of Shuddh Ghee is a blend of tradition and purity, promising to elevate your culinary experiences with its rich taste and health benefits.

Embrace the essence of traditional Indian cooking with the purity and excellence of Shuddh Ghee. Let every spoonful enrich your meals and invite you into a world of exquisite flavours and timeless traditions. Join us in celebrating the culinary heritage of India, brought to life – right here in Australia – with the care and passion that is the hallmark of Shuddh Dairy.

Some Popular Ghee Recipes

Gajar Ka Halwa
Gajar Ka Halwa
Shuddh Ghee Mysore Pak Recipe
Ghee Mysore Pak
besan ladoo with Shuddh Ghee
Besan Ladoo

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